Production Process

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All fruits are handpicked by members of our staff,who make sure that only premium quality of fruit is selected for all our products.
After comes the stage of cleansing and boiling the fruits at the right temperature, adding just as much sugar as needed, when the ingredients come to a preferable texture.
When the final product has come to its best texture it is served into glass jars, which are then pasteurized using a suitable combination of time and temperature to achieve the best result.

Fruit preserves and jams are closely connected with the Greek tradition for ages.

All fruit preserves are considered to be a special welcoming treat for all visitors, usually served with a glass of ice cold water. Greeks of all ages love all fruit preserves for their full flavor, their exquisite aroma and their impeccable taste flavor.

Our company has been producing fruit preserves with the utmost care and the same passion and respect towards tradition as before.